This situation surpasses the issue of PrEP

Did you know, by definition of the World Health Organisation the Nation Health Service no longer exists? (Independent, 2016), shocking but true. The devastating impact of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 has led to the NHS being demolished right in front of us leaving staff, patients, the public and some politicians frustrated beyond belief.

As austerity shows no sign of weakening the only hope left is that the Health and Social Care Act will be repealed, though how much damage is done by this time and how repairable it will be, is another matter. For eight years we have lived in a climate of financial fear and uncertainty, projected on us by hyped up headlines and gloomy reports from many of the same people who did not see this crisis coming, it has been proceeded by the bailing out of banks, all the while our public services are being changed beyond recognition and definition, as demonstrated in the Independent article (see below for link).

Of course if we had not supported these industries in a time of need, tens of thousands, indeed even hundreds of thousands, would have ended up unemployed and reliant on the state which would have most likely pushed it to breaking point, however there is a flip side to that coin.

It is all well and good to support or bailout struggling companies/corporations in the name of public interest but if we fail to support our health system the results will be a population of ill-health who are not fit to work for these businesses, perhaps not today but certainly in the future.

This is in an era when we are identifying more medical conditions than ever, combine that with an expanding, as well as ageing population, and we are left with a society in desperate need of a national health system that listens to the people it represents which currently is not happening. PrEP is just one example of the health system not listening to the public anymore so we should use it as our own example to send a message loud and clear that we want the NHS back.

Get behind calls for a PrEP roll out whether you plan on using it or not, whether you are gay, bisexual, heterosexual or metrosexual because this situation surpasses the issue of PrEP showing the functions of public services today are not what we intended them to be. (With thanks and credit to the Independent for this article)


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