Simon Stevens, approve or resign.

With the NHS refusal to approve PrEP the CEO Mr. Simon Stevens has demonstrated just how out of touch with the public he is, along with a certain amount of arrogance by refusing to listen to MP calls for a u-turn on this disastrous decision. With National PrEP Action Day tomorrow July 1st Positive Moving On are calling on the chief executive to approve Truvada for use as PrEP or resign his position. Please use the wording below in an email to



F.A.O. (email subject) CEO of NHS England Simon Stevens, approve or resign.


Dear Mr. Stevens.


I am writing to you regarding the recent decision by the NHS England not to approve a roll out of PrEP.

 The benefits of Truvada as a preventative treatment for HIV have been acknowledged by scientists around the world with the CDC sighting it as more than 90% successful, a success rate some treatments currently available on the NHS cannot boast. Already the U.S., France and now Australia have made PrEP available with little procrastination leading me to question why the NHS feel it necessary to wait for NICE to carry out a review?

 Further to this the proposed pilot scheme for PrEP is merely that, a proposed pilot which is not an adequate response to the development of a treatment that has the ability to end a pandemic that has spanned three decades, claimed the lives of millions and affected the lives of many more.

 As the CEO of the NHS the lack of compassion and humanity you have demonstrated regarding this matter is not befitting of the person we wish to be in charge of our health service with many people feeling you have failed the public in your duty of care. I call on you to approve PrEP as soon as logistically possible or resign from your position.


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