Console, another notch in Irish scandal

The charity module is amazing and at this stage has most likely helped billions of people through HIV/AIDS as well as other medical conditions, poverty, homelessness, domestic abuse, so many areas that for me to name them all would surely cramp my fingers and tear your eyes.

The recent events with Console that hit headlines is just another notch in Irish scandal and with it another blow in the confidence members of the public have for our institutions. While the frustration of the general public is understandable, the frustration other charities who do unquestionably good work no doubt feel is crystal clear.

For a person to put so much effort, sacrifice, consideration into their work and then be affected in the crossfire of a scandal like this would for me, be flooring. The public or other bodies are justified in asking for more transparency within the charity module yet it should be remembered that many charity workers do not get paid a cent for the endless hours away from loved ones, or any of the perks high up members of Console appear to have benefited from.

Don’t take down an industry that has benefited so many people, yes there are faults, like any industry, but mould it into something better and stronger, not into the ground.

For now there is too much investigating needs to be conducted into what has happened in the matter of Console for real comment to be given by anyone except those who were involved in it, but that investigating should reach all avenues, including any possibility of a law having been broken to reassure any loss of faith the public might have in the charity sector following this.

Having said all this, the bottom line of this blog and any media article should be that those who might suffer most are the many people at risk of suicide if alternative services are not sourced, this could even come through the expansion of Pieta House or another mental health charity.


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