My journey to TAF

After going through several combinations, a few of which had some unpleasant side-effects, I had finally settled on Truvada and Tivicay so when my physician recently suggested changing to Genvoya I was a little sceptical so asked if we could instead stick with Tivicay and change Truvada to TAF, to which she agreed.

Now two weeks since I changed over it feels safe to say that it is the best decision we have made regarding my care because the difference is visible within this short space of time. No more am I pacing the floor at midnight trying to relieve trapped wind or running to the bathroom on an odd morning to heave. My skin looks fresher with more colour to it and my energy levels are just as they should be. On other occasions when changing medication I experienced the dreams, sweating, fatigue etc in the first few weeks but not this time. That’s not to say this regime is for everyone but it certainly is for me.

In truth this was something I was more than sceptical about doing, to use the word apprehensive would also be an understatement yet sometimes in life it takes a bit of trust and faith, both of which I have reserves of for my physician. Everyone should be involved in their care, had I said “no this change isn’t for me I want to stay on my current regime”, my doctor would have respected that decision but sometimes people aren’t included in their care as much as they should be so I would say to anyone who has reservations about some aspect of their care, or treatment, to bring it up. Any reasonable doctor will have a reasonable conversation with you about and involve you in the process. It’s your care, your health, your opinion counts more than any other.


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