When did skinny shaming become okay?

There I was, minding my own business looking at the vegetables wondering what would tickle my taste buds that evening when a slightly domineering, fairly overweight lady glided over to me “you’d wanna look over there at the meat and put some weight on you never mind looking at vegetables” she said and walked off leaving my mouth on the floor.
Skinny shaming is a situation I am all too familiar with and find all the more hypocritical as well as a more frequent occurrence the older I get. Let’s reverse the rolls of that situation, had I glided over to this lady and said “here love you’d wanna be looking over there at the weight watchers items”, I would fully expect to have been ejected from that shop and barred right after getting a clip across the ear, so why did this woman feel it was okay to comment on my lack of weight? Which by the way is exactly as it should be for someone of my stats with a perfect BMI.

Whether it’s fat or skinny, it’s shaming to call someone out on their weight, we appear to have built a double standard in society where some people feel it perfectly acceptable to put someone down for being underweight while, quite rightly, feeling it unacceptable to put someone down for being overweight.

It’s time to put an end to this unproductive weight shaming and double standard.