It’s been a while…

No need to hit refresh, you are not seeing things, this is a new blog. It has been so long since I have been able to have an opportunity to write something (or at least something worthwhile) on here so on an odd calm day I thought it a good opportunity to update people on what Positive Moving On has been/is up to.

Our work with the amazing UequalsU campaign has taken up a lot of the year so far as well as organisation for our recently launched #FreeTheMedicine campaign which aims to highlight the need for legalisation of medical marijuana along with the plight of people trying to access it, many of whom are parents seeking it out to help their child.

Both of these could be considered “controversial” campaigns, (although in my opinion they are worthy causes that we, as an organisation, must get behind), which required much more attention than any of our previous campaigns meaning my time has been restricted.

This is something I have missed, sharing a voice with people and creating conversation around topics such as these. I sometimes feel we, as a society, can mistake conversation or debate with argumentation, especially when that opinion differs from our own but sure where would society get if we did not converse about these things, not far in the way of change one imagines.

These campaigns aside it has been a straggling year for politics in the UK and especially Northern Ireland this year after the collapse of Stormont as well as a snap General Election, having a knock on effect on out political lobbying yet there are still some avenues opened where I have continued to get our messages across such as #UequalsU.

Anyhow, for now this is me but hoping to get updating this blog at least every other week from now on so chat soon. x