UequalsU hits the road…

So a while ago after spending the day brainstorming new ways of generating publicity for UequalsU during 2018 I set off on a trip home to Cork from Belfast, during this journey I sarcastically thought how much quicker and probably easier it would be if I could just walk there instead of waiting on train connections and the regular breakdowns of Iarneod Eireann (in truth IrishRail is actually a really good service, as I say I was sarcastically thinking). 
Long story short, the adventurist within me met the activist on that journey and after a lot of consideration, investigation and conversation with fitness instructors, doctors and family I am delighted to announce that I will be undertaking a solo sponsored walk from Belfast to Dublin in July 2018 on behalf of Positive Moving On to raise awareness of the UequalsU message and HIV stigma. 

Nearly 300 miles on foot with just 14 days it will be a challenge but what is life without one, at times I think it’s impossible but then they said that in the 80s about treating HIV and just look where we are today, also I have no doubt of meeting some amazing people along the way leading to amazing memories which will spur me on my route. 

I will be releasing my route map in January which will detail my departure date, time and place as well as all stop offs along the route. Hope to see you at one xx


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