Stagnant water

Starting Positive Moving On became a lifetime commitment for me, I knew it would be hard, that I would have to make sacrifices or hard decisions to ensure its survival along with the work it hoped to achieve.

Being based in Northern Ireland has had its extra challenges from the beginning giving the religiously dominated society and politics that still exist here yet it was manageable, however since the collapse of Stormont in January 2017 and the inevitability of, at the very least, an uneasy Brexit Positive Moving On’ current and future sustainability has been jeopardised due to political lies, ineptitude and a failure to function. Thankfully PMO has options, one of them being to fold into LWS Limited.

This is a limited company also run by Andrew with directors and shareholders agreeing to take on the social as well as responsibilities of Positive Moving On with the aim of becoming a CIC itself, this may lead to a move South of the border however it will not detour from the groubdbreaking work achieved in Northern Ireland so far, in fact it will only amplify our presence and persistence.

We invite all members of the HIV community to approach us through with their thoughts, hopes or even concerns by this move.

Thinking of you all, keep it real with the L-O-V-E

Andrew xx