New UequalsU campaign

Positive Moving On’s new UequalsU campaign has begun. We have flyers and posters galore so if you run a business in Northern Ireland or the ROI just get in touch and we will pop them in the post. With this new campaign has came time for reflection.

UequalsU was a message that was just beginning to grow when joined up to the PAC Consensus, since then, thanks to the guidance of amazing people like Bruce Richman it has now become an international movement, if anything made this clear it was at the IAC 2018 which took place in at RUI in Amsterdam. An amazing gathering that culminated in one clear message, people living with HIV who are on effective treatment with an undetectable viral load for six months or more cannot transmit the virus through sexual intercourse.

This scientific fact was backed up by yet another study when the results of PARTNER 2 were announced, which as you will probably have guessed showed zero transmissions (for more info see ibase .

Altogether the conference was a real celebration of UequalsU and I hope the vivid colours and simple tone of the new campaign mirrors this.


PrEP, halfway there…

After a long and tedious battle a Belfast HIV clinic are to offer PrEP, while great news for those in need and those of us who have campaigned tirelessly for it, there is still work to be do.

The Belfast clinic is not accessible to all due to transport, this can at best lead to missed appointments, we also have to include voices of the communities more, especially the transgender community, if not then the full potential of PrEP will fail.

For so many years I had a great feeling that we were in a new era, where we could prevent this dangerous virus but I could not rejoice, now I can but only a little because we now need to get it to the people, including those in developing countries, who need it.

The battle is only half over, there is still much work to do, but for now, well done to all.