The man who used HIV as a weapon

This was quite a hard documentary to watch, from a non personal stance it was heart breaking to see what these men were put through,  from a personal stance as someone who was diagnosed with HIV after a person I believed to be a friend failed to tell me he had a detectable viral load it became even harder.

My thoughts on the perpetrator are very little, so little in fact I refuse to comment on him further, instead I will focus my attention to the survivors of his crimes. Each one has shown courage beyond what anyone could imagine in the face of a challenge beyond what anyone could comprehend. We must applaud their coming coming forward while encouraging others in the same position to do so.

Having said that there is one thing I would like to clarify, something one of the survivors said bothered me it was that if he hadnt used a condom he would have said this was okay and pretty much his fault, wherher you choose to use a condom, Prep, PEP or not, nobody deserves a diagnosis like HIV and it’s never anyone’s fault, it’s a sad fact in life that it and other chronic illnesses exist.