Transgender, the new AIDS in the bathroom crisis?

From highway closures due to minute particles of blood from HIV positive people being present after am accident to travel bans and people with HIV being unwelcome to associate in general society, including bathrooms where the ever persistent misconception that HIV can be passed through a toilet seat existed/s the, 80s of all eras wrote a dark chapter of undue prejudice, fear and hate in the book of life.

Fast forward to 2019 and the same chapter is being rewritten with another community being at it’s focus, the transgender community. The startling similarities have become more obvious as time goes by, the fear of using the same bathrooms, the outcasting from society, the hate crimes including violent attacks and intimidation which begs the question, did society really learn from where it went so wrong almost forty years ago?

Another example would be the recent outbreaks of Ebola, hysteria followed as did travel bans and outcasting even if people who had simply visited places like Sierra Leone.

Some might call it justified, others fear of the unknown, but what it really comes down to is plain old fashioned bigotry.

Will society ever learn? Only time will tell….


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